The Nitty Gritty Grain Company Story

Aurora Farms Photo

Nitty Gritty Grain Company of Vermont started with a conversation across a fence and has grown from there. Our love of good tasting healthy food and the land where it grows has a much longer history. Seven generations of the Barnum family have farmed fields in and around the Champlain Valley. From an ancestor who fought and died at the Siege of the Shelburne Blockhouse to protect hearth and home in the 1770's to the grandparents with the 'top-notch crops' in Addison County in the early 1930's, today's descendants - Tom Kenyon, his children, siblings, and friends - carry on the Vermont farming tradition.

Like our ancestors before us, we take great pride in our heritage, land, ingenuity, and products. Through tireless work on the fields in Shelburne and Charlotte, Vermont we produce certified organic grains that are the heart of our local organic grain company. Our grain is also used by the Red Hen Baking Company in their new artisanal bread, Cyrus Pringle. Nitty Gritty minimally processes these locally grown grains, blending them in small batches to preserve the superior fresh flavor and nutrition of our cornmeal, cornmeal mixes, and flours. By producing these grains and turning them into a product you can feel good about eating, we are fulfilling a passion and commitment to the tradition of farming in Vermont and in our family. With each bite we hope you taste the difference that care and hard work can create.